Commissioning a piece of research, transcription services, one-to-one online tutorials

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Commissioning Research

The first step to commissioning a piece of research is to write, preferably by e-mail, to Susan Moore giving an outline of your request or project.

Requests can be for an entire history of a place, house, or family, or can be limited to assistance with a particular area of research or type of records.

All work is charged on a time basis, and except for small pieces of work, most research projects tend to extend to several days, in some cases weeks or months. Long projects can spread over several years, with a block of research being commissioned every month or so. The clients’ needs and budget are always the driver in the carrying out of the research.

Most projects are worked in blocks of 8 hours, after which a report is sent with details of all the sources searched, transcripts of the information found with images where appropriate, an explanation of the information, and suggestions and an estimate for future research.

Current fees are £55 per hour. No additional charges are made for travelling or photography, however any expenses such as the photography fees charged by some archives will be charged directly.

Document Written in English
Transcription of difficult documents

Susan offers a transcription service for all types of documents dating from 1500 that are written in English.

The transcripts can be provided in a readable format with modern spelling or using the original spelling, and if required will also include a summary of the content of the document. Documents can include wills, deeds, legal records, etc.

Latin translation commissions are only very rarely accepted, and then only for deeds.

Palaeography Writing
Palaeography Tutorials

Susan has recently started to offer one-to-one online tutorials in deciphering old handwriting.

These are tailored to the client’s needs and the session can be either an introduction to the code-breaking aspects of palaeography, or working on a particular type of document or style of handwriting, or helping with a client’s own document. Sessions run using Zoom and are charged at £55 per 40 minute session.

Workshops & Tutoring

Since 2017 Susan has been a tutor for Pharos Tutors Ltd, and teaches classes on Chancery records, deeds, and Early Handwriting for Family Historians, and has previously taught one on manorial records.

She has also given workshops on Chancery records to AGRA, the Institute of Heraldic & Genealogical Studies, the Society of Genealogists, and at many genealogical conferences.

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Previously I had stayed away from old handwriting but this course had set my mind at rest in that after a bit of practice transcribing/translation is not as hard as might appear.

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I felt I learnt lots. Susan was an excellent tutor. It was v satisfying to be able to measure my improvement from the start to the end of the course.

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The Practical advice and tips from Susan were excellent and have helped me with the transcription of a well written about 1670. Also the chat sessions and interacting with Susan and other students were very good.

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I love transcribing, and the instructor ran brilliant, insightful chat sessions which added much to the course.

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The interaction with other students and being able to learn from a qualified instructor who was very encouraging.

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Chancery was an area where I had very little previous experience. I was rather worried that I would find it difficult, and also thought the subject would be quite dull. Instead, it was fascinating, interesting and Susan made it very easy to understand.

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This was my 32nd Pharos course and it was wonderful. In fact it is one of the most detailed & informative courses. Susan put an enormous amount of time and effort into each lesson, chat and even provided feedback on our forum responses. Truly an information packed course taught by a brilliant instructor.

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Learning about the range and extent of chancery records. Susan is a very good tutor.

Commissioning Your Project


Get in Touch

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Contact Susan outlining your request, with full details of the information you already have and what you hope to find


Develop Strategy

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A research programme will include an ongoing list of potentially relevant sources


The Research

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All work is charged on a time basis, and most research tend to extend to several days, in some cases weeks


The Report

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In two parts: full research notes, and a detailed explanation of what has been found, with image of relevant document


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This is wonderful. I have passed on to my father and he is delighted with the depth, rigour and insight that you have provided from your report. Thank you.

Mark, January 2015
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What a great job you have done for me, and what a find you are!

Richard, October 2012
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WOW!! This will take time to digest but you have uncovered a wonderful mine of info.

John, February 2010