Susan has wide experience in records from about 1450 to 1900

Whilst specialising in the Tudor and Stuart period, 1550-1700, Susan has wide experience in records from about 1450 to 1900, and in some instances will also look at records outside this period, both earlier and later.

The records of the Chancery Court are those with which Susan has the most experience, as they tend to be the most useful no matter what the subject of the research commission. Apart from these no list could be comprehensive, but the following is a summary of the records consulted regularly.

Old Records Document

Records Consulted Regularly

Legal Records
  • Court of Chancery
  • Court of Exchequer
  • Court of Star Chamber
  • Court of Requests
  • Other equity courts
  • High Court of Admiralty
  • Church courts
  • Quarter sessions
  • Assize
  • Maps
  • Feet of fines
  • Patent rolls
  • Close rolls
  • Recovery rolls
  • Inquisitions Post Mortem
  • Crown Estate records
  • Ministers accounts
  • Court of augmentations
  • Deeds
  • Enclosure records
  • Manorial rolls, leases, etc
  • Borough records
National and Tax
  • State Papers
  • Protestation returns
  • Certificates of residence
  • Lay Subsidy rolls
  • Hearth Tax returns
  • East India Office
  • Colonial
  • Licences to pass beyond the seas
  • Musters
  • Parish registers
  • Churchwardens accounts and minutes
  • Vestry accounts and minutes
  • Wills & administrations
  • Probate court disputes
  • Bishops' Registers
  • Victoria County History
  • County histories
  • Parish histories
  • Port books
  • Harbour books

Research work is not specifically undertaken in any of the following, unless as part of a larger project:

  • Births, marriages and deaths
  • Parish registers
  • Military records
  • Census returns

Commissioning Your Project


Get in Touch

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Contact Susan outlining your request, with full details of the information you already have and what you hope to find


Develop Strategy

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A research programme will include an ongoing list of potentially relevant sources


The Research

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All work is charged on a time basis, and most research tend to extend to several days, in some cases weeks


The Report

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In two parts: full research notes, and a detailed explanation of what has been found, with image of relevant document