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Areas of Expertise

Lifetime’s professional research experience in place-based original records, with 40 years’ experience as a historical researcher in

Courts of Equity Icon Courts of Equity
Deeds Icon Deeds
Manorial Records Icon Manorial Records
House History Icon

House History

Bringing to life the former owners and earlier inhabitants of an old house

Family History Icon

Family History

Bringing pre 18th century ancestors to life using legal and place-based records

Village/Manor History Icon

Village/Manor History

Expand a house or family history into full village or manorial history

Local History Icon

Local History

Using original rectords to bring ordinary people in ordinary places to life

Academic Research Icon

Academic Research

Research support for academics, with speciality in Equity court records, particularly Chancery

Legal Research Icon

Legal Research

Historical record service for lawyers, in original records in the National Archives

Professional Research for Academic and Amateur Historians
Professional Research for Academic and Amateur Historians
Susan Moore - Historical Researcher

Professional Research for Academic and Amateur Historians

Susan Moore is a specialist in the records of the Equity Courts, particularly the Court of Chancery. Her entire working career has been spent as a freelance professional historical researcher since graduation from the University of St Andrews in the 1970s.

Although now based in Somerset, Susan spends most of her time carrying out research in the National Archives, visiting other archives as the need arises, so there is scarcely an archive or type of record that has not been looked at during her long career.

Land ownership and occupation is at the heart of most of the current projects, with successful completion of

  • Biography of 150 people associated with a medieval manor house
  • The history of a Somerset village and manor
  • The history of various gentry families in north west Devon
  • Work on tax records in the National Archives to clarify the medieval and early modern ownership and occupation of lands in north west Wales, and
  • A long project researching the move by a family to the far west of Cornwall from the Devon border, now confirmed as the early 1580s by records of the court of the Star Chamber.

All research is undertaken personally by Susan Moore.

Commissioning Your Project


Get in Touch

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Contact Susan outlining your request, with full details of the information you already have and what you hope to find


Develop Strategy

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A research programme will include an ongoing list of potentially relevant sources


The Research

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All work is charged on a time basis, and most research tend to extend to several days, in some cases weeks


The Report

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In two parts: full research notes, and a detailed explanation of what has been found, with image of relevant document


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It has been fascinating to read about people’s daily lives and how the village used to be, aside from the useful family information.

DH, January 2020
Testimonial Icon

Finally had a chance to read through the latest report - what a fascinating slice of manorial history! Lovely stuff, thanks again. Quite the incredible list of character assassinations in the latest report! My wife and I were very entertained reading through it. What a messy situation, and it is nice to get a touch of gender equality in the history of the manor's rogues!

JF, September 2019
Testimonial Icon

Thank you very much for your courteous and prompt attention to my cause and the several queries arising therefrom. I'm greatly indebted to your advice and for your research on my behalf.

DG, October 2018