Tudor and Stuart sources

Records for the Tudors and Stuarts, approximately 1550 to 1700, require good palaeographical skills.  Some Latin is also needed although many records are in English


When asked to investigate a family or place for this period, the records I search will be taken from these:


Land records:

Feet of fines                                           

Patent rolls                                             

Close rolls                                               

Recovery rolls                                         

Inquisitions Post Mortem                           

Crown Estate                                          

Ministers accounts                                    

Court of augmentations                            


Enclosure maps                                        

Manorial rolls, leases, etc                         

Borough records

Committee for the Advancement of Money

Committee for Compounding

Court records:

Chancery Court                                       

Court of the Star Chamber                       

Court of Requests                                    

Other equity courts                                  

High Court of Admiralty

Quarter sessions

Diocesan and Archdeaconry courts             

Tax records:

Protestation return

Lay subsidy

certificates of residence

Probate  records:

Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Local probate courts

Printed sources:

Victoria County History

County histories

Parish histories

Family histories

Civil War pamphlets


Port books

Harbour books

Travel overseas:

East India Company records

Colonial Office records

Licences to pass beyond the Seas

Criminal records:

Assize Court

King’s Bench

Court of Common Pleas

Parish records:

Parish registers

Churchwardens accounts and minutes

Vestry accounts and minutes


Muster rolls

Civil War Records

National records:

State Papers