Palaeography and transcriptions

Whilst archives are closed Susan is not able to carry out her usual research, however her experience and skill at transcribing difficult 16th and 17th century documents means that she is available for transcription work.

Susan Moore began working as a freelance professional historical researcher after graduating from the University of St. Andrews in 1974.  Interest in Chancery Proceedings and other legal records soon followed, although Susan has worked on a wide range of historical subjects over the years.

Initially, genealogical research was her primary interest and she worked in Devon and then in Scotland, specialising in the more challenging cases that involved knowledge of palaeography and Latin. This was followed by a long period in London where the emphasis moved to the history of houses and manorial lordships.

Although based in Somerset, Susan specialises in research in Chancery records in the National Archives at Kew.  Recent research projects generally stem from Chancery cases, and include work for the National Trust, the history of a Somerset village and manor, unravelling various families who lived in a small isolated valley in Kent, the history of a family of silversmiths in Sheffield, and work on both rich and poor branches of a family in North Devon.

All research is undertaken personally by Susan Moore.

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