Commissioning Research

The first step to commissioning a piece of research is to write, preferably by e-mail, to Susan Moore giving an outline of your request or project.

All work is charged on a time basis, and except for small pieces of work, most research projects tend to extend to several days, in some cases weeks or months of research. Long projects are usually spread over several years, with a block of research being commissioned every month or so.

I find it best to work in 8 hour blocks. After carrying out an eight hour block of research I will send you a report with details of all the sources searched, the results, and suggestions and an estimate for future research.

Having commissioned your research, I will then give you an estimate for the time that should be allowed, and suggest a timeframe within which the work will be carried out. Once the block of work has been carried out you will receive a report which will include details of all sources searched, results of the research, abstract or transcript of relevant documents, and suggestions for further research.